Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanisms that combat EMR, EMF, ELF waves, or particles that are part of synthetically produced molecules (chemicals) that the body is not able to naturally metabolize:

  • pharmaceutical (chemical) drugs invade and force the body to yield to their molecular demands. The body often defends itself by producing nasty side-effects.
  • a cage to encapsulate the device that produces detrimentally pulsating EMFs,
  • earth stones that temporarely absorb harmful EMRs, besides us inhaling harmful Chemtrail particles,
  • biofeedback equipment that inverts the hurtful EMR or ELF wave pattern and thus renders it harmless,
  • devices that counter destructive waves by radiating waves whose length and frequency signature benefit the human bio-field, light-body and physical body,
  • re-alignment of our bone structure parts is practiced through chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, or surgery.
  • environmental medicine that treats illnesses arisen in the past decades and caused (1) by the contamination of air, water, and soil, (2) by food that is depleted of nutrients and contaminated by toxic additives, (3) through unhealthy workplaces and home environments.
  • Himalayan pink Salt Lamps emit negative ions and so neutralize EM radiation.

A LH does not 'force' molecules, waves, particles, or bones, but offers the original blueprint which brings all into harmony!

The field of the LH communicates with Human biology through the universal magnetic resonant frequency, which causes any other field patterns that are created through human technology to gradually release all their distortions.

The Life H#rmonizer awakens the core memory in the DNA of our cells. The intelligence of each cell compares that with its current encoding, and takes the necessary actions to restore the core pattern, using its self-diagnostics.